About us

We have been originating and executing cross-border transactions in Central and Eastern Europe since 2000. After several years in the largest Central European investment bank, we founded Merger Vision in 2008, intending to build an independent M&A advisory firm providing practical and understandable transaction advice to family owners, management-controlled companies, and foreign investors.

> 20 Years

practice in M&A

5-50 Mil €

typical revenue range of companies sold

> 70 %

transactions are cross-border

> 250 Mil €

value of transactions executed

We are entrepreneurs just like you

Our independence allows us to build a long-term relationship with you and carry out the transaction at the right time. For most transactions, we are their originators; we approach you with proposals and reasons for considering the transaction. We want to be as successful as you and are prepared to bear risk.

We are sector agnostic

Our experience includes selling a financial services company, a beer producer, an iconic Czech cosmetics brand, a manufacturer of parts for the automotive industry, a service provider for pharma companies, or a company that provides telematics services.

Your trust is a strong commitment to us

We highly value the trust you place in our capabilities. The companies of Czech owners, which we have sold in the past, have become parts of corporations listed on London, Paris, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Athens stock exchanges. Others have been used as a European platform in a portfolio of global funds.

With the continuously growing capital funds of Czech financial and strategic investors and family offices, it is more advantageous for some of our clients to sell their companies on the Czech market.

Extensive international network with investors and M&A advisors

Thanks to long-term relationships with foreign M&A advisors, investment banks, and investors, we can offer Czech entrepreneurs not only a pool of potential buyers but also an acquisition opportunity in your preferred market.

At the same time, we are actively looking for acquisition opportunities in the Czech Republic for foreign strategic and financial investors.

To find out more about us, look at the Services we can offer, read about our clients and their successful Transactions or give us a call or send us an e-mail and let’s talk about what we can do for you.