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A Greek SARANTIS Group, one of the largest producers and distributors of personal care and household care products in southern and central Europe, acquired 100% shares in ASTRID Cosmetics

Cosmetics and personal care products
Target company
ASTRID T.M., a.s.
12 private individual shareholders
Our role
Advisory to sellers
Transaction size
7 mil. EUR

ASTRID Cosmetics is a traditional Czech cosmetic brand with a history going back to 1847. The group owns a broad portfolio of widely known Czech personal care brands, such as ASTRID, Sahara, PEO, Femina, ADAM or DIPLOMAT. The group is the no.1 market player in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in all three of ASTRID‘s key product categories: sun care, lip care and foot care. Consolidated net sales of the business sold to SARANTIS Group reached EUR 7 mil. in 2013.

SARANTIS Group (ASE: SAR) was established in 1930 and had a direct presence in nine European countries, including the Czech Republic. Furthermore, its products and goods are exported to more than forty countries worldwide. Over the past two decades, the group has made several strategic acquisitions in central and eastern Europe. Consolidated net sales of the group reached EUR 237 mil. in 2013. Shares of the mother company have been listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 1994. By acquiring ASTRID Cosmetics, the buyer significantly increased its market share in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Merger Vision advised the seller and its shareholders. The transaction included the sale of 100% shares in ASTRID T.M., a.s., the holder of registered trademarks and other IP rights, combined with the sale of production activities and selected sales activities of ASTRID COSMETICS, a.s.

  • Merger Vision maintained a long-term business relationship with the owners of the ASTRID Group. In the autumn of 2013, they approached us in a situation where we were considering the further strategic direction of our activities in the field of cosmetics. Merger Vision presented us with attractive acquisition opportunities in the domestic market and, simultaneously, confirmed a serious interest of a strategic investor in our company. Based on their knowledge, we have mandated Merger Vision to represent us in both acquisition and sales negotiations with the strategic investor. At a certain phase of both processes, we decided to prefer the sale of ASTRID Group to acquisitions. During the sales process, Merger Vision proved its experience from similar transactions while negotiating the purchase price, the transaction’s structure and other terms.

    Ing. Aleš Hamáček, Astrid

    shareholder and CEO

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