Merger Vision provides M&A advisory services to private owners of medium-sized and large companies. We will successfully guide you through the process of selling your own company or buying another one. In addition, we propose suitable forms of financing to support the development of your company and raise such funds, whether in the form of debt or equity investment.

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Are you a medium-sized company with ambitions to continue growing but need significant financial resources to pursue your plans? Do you want to raise additional equity capital from a trusted partner to finance new investments in people, research and development, technology, new markets, or acquisitions that will increase the market value of your company?

Using our contacts and know-how, we will introduce you to Czech and foreign institutional and private investors interested in your field of business. We will help you negotiate the terms of their equity investment, and shareholders’ agreement, including conditions of a potential future exit.

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Raising Equity

  • Sale of minority share
  • Private placement of new shares or equity
  • Private placement of convertible of preferred equity
  • Mezzanine equity

Raising Debt

  • Acquisition financing
  • Subordinated debt
  • Mezzanine debt
  • Structured financing
  • Convertible and preferred debt instruments

Our clients' experience

  • Prague Residences, the largest provider of short-term accommodation in fully serviced apartments in the Czech Republic, has experienced a decade of rapid growth in accommodation capacity and the number of clients, in tens of per cent year on year. Therefore, we considered partnering with a financial or strategic investor to support our development. Merger Vision approached us well ahead of the transaction and presented several types of investors who might be interested in our company. Restrictions on tourism during the Covid pandemic affected our decisions. In the end, we preferred to maintain the independent development of the company in partnership with a financially strong local family office. Merger Vision helped us negotiate terms of investment, the development CAPEX plan and a shareholder agreement. Thanks to their services, the transaction was completed within about four months.

    Pavel Hejcman a František Dušátko, Prague Residences