Merger Vision provides M&A advisory services to private owners of medium-sized and large companies. We will successfully guide you through the process of selling your own company or buying another one. In addition, we propose suitable forms of financing to support the development of your company and raise such funds, whether in the form of debt or equity investment.

Please look at our transactions and read what services we have provided to our clients and what clients say about our work.

You have fought passionately to reach this point. Selling a business, your life’s work, is a well-deserved success. Have you been considering a strategic investor with a presence in foreign markets and access to know-how and customers to accelerate your company’s development? Do you wish to reach the highest possible valuation of your business simultaneously?

We will offer you deep expertise and professional guidance in all phases of the transaction: from initial thoughts and decisions on whether to enter into negotiations with a preferred partner or to start the sale process, through identification and cross-check of suitable strategic or financial investors, conducting a private sale process with multiple bidders, negotiations of preliminary agreements, management of the due diligence process using a virtual dataroom, structuring the transaction and negotiating its binding terms, up to the final settlement of the entire transaction, transfer of funds and even the preparation of a related press release.

Company sale is a demanding process and usually takes six to twelve months – from the first thought to the settlement of the transaction. We believe that you will appreciate our know-how and support, which will lead to maximising the profit from the business and minimising the associated risks.

Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can work together.

Types of transactions

  • Company sale
  • Corporate spin-off: sale of a division, part of the business, or a non-core activity
  • Strategic merger
  • Joint Venture
  • Transaction among shareholders
  • Recapitalisation
  • Company sale to the internal or external management team – MBO/MBI

Our clients' experience

  • Analysis of Czech and Central European beer markets and positions of key players, which was presented to me by advisory team led by Mr. Mareš, significantly contributed to my decision to launch a sale process. I decided to hire this advisory team for its execution.

    Milan Hagan, Drinks Union a. s.

    majority owner and chairman of the Board of Directors

  • Merger Vision contacted us in 2015, introduced a potential investor and convincingly presented awareness of the development of our industry at the European and global levels. At that time, PRINCIP, as a family-owned company, focused mainly on developing new products and strengthening its position as a leader in the Czech market. While this has attracted the interest of local competitors and business partners, Merger Vision has helped us better to understand our position among European competitors in road telematics. The advisory team of Merger Vision also gained our trust with detailed knowledge of the ongoing consolidation worldwide and personal contacts with several potential investors. We, therefore, accepted their recommendation to launch a sales tender with the participation of major strategic investors from all continents. The sale process was conducted very professionally and surprised us not only with the high number of written offers received but also with the terms offered. This enabled us to select a partner for PRINCIP offering attractive terms and a guarantee of further development of the company.

    Vladimír Vejvoda, Princip a.s.

    founder and CEO

  • Merger Vision initially contacted us five years before the sale of the NEOX group, which we built as a family business from the beginning. Their advisory team convinced us with their understanding of our industry, detailed knowledge of the ongoing global consolidation, and personal contacts with several potential investors for our company. Thanks to their initiative, we held confidential meetings with several potential bidders and received written offers from investors from Europe, Asia and the USA. After several years of careful consideration, we selected a strategic partner from the USA for NEOX, supported by a strong financial PE partner. NEOX has become a platform for our new strategic partner’s expansion into other European countries.

    Pavel Marek and Petr Marek, NEOX s.r.o.

    founders of the company